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Ebook Romance Author - Tina Gayle -- My Future Step Brother Cover
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Ebook Romance Author - Tina Gayle -- Stormy Cover

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Stormy - a hot short story

A widower, a divorcee, co-workers, lovers...a future together...marriage?
Consoling each other for years over each other’s misfortune, Karen and Daniel turn a friendship into a weekend of unbridled red-hot passion. The heat between them leads to thoughts of a future together. That is…

Until children, an ex-husband, an unexpected heart-attack, a conniving trophy-wife, guilt, and personal choices come between them. Will the heat of their passion let them break from the past and move into the future?

Hot read for mature adults - a second chance at love.

Ebook Romance Author - Tina Gayle -- Fallen Leaves Cover

Fallen Leaves - 2nd Book in the Family Tree Series
(romantic suspense)

As autumn comes to the Winston estate in Ohio, Amber Harrison learns further lessons in her new position as keeper for the spirits and ghosts who haunt the estate--and further lessons in love, too. She and her love, Carter Miller, grapple with the fears and passions of new love, while caught up in the storm of ancient family drama.

This is the second book in the unfolding saga of the psychics and talents associated with the Winston estate, a sheltered place where past, present, and future are woven into a single dramatic tapestry of love and desire. The tale spans multiple generations, multiple eras, and offers something special for all ages of reader. A sexy, erotic winner, with an assortment of couples to appeal to most tastes.

Women Fiction Book - Tina Gayle's cover for Summer's Growth

Summer's Growth - 1st Book in Family Tree series
(romantic suspense)

Keeper of Winston Manor
Advised by spirits
Carving out a future.

A mainstream novel with romantic and paranormal elements. It’s about two women, Mattie Winston, an almost fifty recluse who lives on a lonely estate and guards generations of family spirits, and a young college student, Amber Harrison, who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. The Winston spirits decided that Mattie needs to develop a life outside the estate and Amber is going to be the new family keeper, which throws the two together.

Both travel down different paths of self-discovery but their reliance on each other grows stronger after several scary moments. Mattie, challenged by an old flame, rethinks the idea of love. Amber, faced with the appearance of her distant grandmother’s ghost, decides to solve the mystery of why her grandmother disappeared without a trace. By the end of the book, after love is embraced and family secrets are revealed, Mattie and Amber are both ready to meet their futures with enthusiasm as stronger more self-confident people.

Women Fiction book - Tina Gayle - CFO's Affair Cover

CFO's Affair - 3rd book in the Executive Wives' Club series
(strong women fiction elements)

Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
Everyone's lives changed...

Blurb: Sylvia Donovan is emotionally wounded from the unexpected death of her husband and still haunted by their last conversation: his request for a divorce and his confession of love for another woman. Her husband gone, her only daughter off to college, Sylvia faces the challenges of learning to live alone and move on with her life.

Vince Wilshire, enchanted with Sylvia, is more than willing to do what it takes to capture the heart of the hurting and untrusting Sylvia.

Can he help her forget the past and make her believe in love again?

Women Fiction book - Tina Gayle - IT's Exec's Baby Cover

IT's Exec's Baby - 2nd Book in Executives' Wives' Club series
(strong women fiction elements)

Brie Sullivan has a new baby girl and there are a million things to do, but Brie doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Why? She’s still grieving for her husband and suffering from baby blues, but she won’t let that stop her. She’s come up with the answer--find a new husband to be the father of her kids.

Jason Clark has been doing everything he can to help Brie. He loves her but can he accept her proposal of marriage knowing she’s not thinking clearly about the future?

Women Fiction book - Tina Gayle  - Marketing Exec's Widow Cover

Marketing Exec's Widow - 1st Book in Executives' Wives' Club series
(strong women fiction elements)

Needing to revive her life and jump start her heart, Jennifer Larson is facing the biggest challenge of her life, moving into an unplanned future. While the rest of the Executives Wives' Club continue to mourn their husbands, Jen is tempted into the future by a sexy chiropractor, Hagan Chaney.

But does he love her or her money?

Ebook Romance Author - Tina Gayle,  Mating Ritual Cover

Mating Ritual
(off-world romantic suspense)

With rock-hard fortitude, Marohka Taunton battles to maintain her position as top mineralogist and refuses to see why she should marry even if the law requires she take a mate. Fighting her attraction for Stihl Fermesium, she struggles to save her father’s company.

Stihl, determined to win her as his mate, is faced with the commission deal of a lifetime and needs the money to save his family land. He wrestles with her emotional resistance and discovers someone other than Marohka is unhappy about their union. In fact, they want to separate them in the most basic of ways, death.

Ebook Romance Author - Tina Gayle  - Baby Decision Cover

Baby Decision
(contemporary romance)

Susan York faces the biggest decision of her life. "A baby or college?"

Unmarried and confused, Susan is not looking for a guy. She only wants to get through her classes without getting sick.

Colt Lefevour needs help with his English Lit homework until he discovers Susan is pregnant. Hurt from his ex-girlfriend aborting his baby, he wants to be the father of Susan’s baby, but can he convince her to let him help.

Ebook Romance Author - Tina Gayle  - Pregnancy Plan Cover

Pregnancy Plan
(contemporary romance)

Pregnant shopkeeper Jillian Wilson prepares for single parenthood until high-risk security specialist Derrick Harris, the baby’s father, is caught in an explosion that changes everything.

Confused, Derrick returns to the States with amnesia. Jillian believes she has it all a husband, a baby, a perfect life, to bad that her dreams hang on Derrick’s faulty memory and a lie.

Ebook Romance Author - Tina Gayle  - Youthful Temptation Cover

Youthful Temptation
(contemporary romance)

A widow with two grown children, Linda Clayton is ready to let loose and have some fun. Jilted at a party, she met a younger man, Vaughn Reagan. He has an active imagination and allures her into his life by tempting her with seductive games.

Vaughn is thrilled to find a woman who doesn’t want children. He offers Linda a job so he can spend his days with her. Now, if he could only convince her to forget their age difference and enjoy the nights in his arms.

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2nd book of the
Family Tree Series

1st book of the
Family Tree Series

3rd book in the
Executives Wives' Club series

IT Exec's Baby
2nd book in the
Executives Wives' Club series

Marketing Exec's Widow
1st book in the
Executives Wives' Club series

Mating Ritual

Baby Decision
2nd book after Pregnancy Plan

Pregnancy Plan

Youthful Temptation

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