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The Story Behind the Executives Wives’ Club Series

When consider writing a new series, I first look at what will make the romance stories different. What’s kernel of an ideal sets it apart from other stories? I realized I wanted a romantic series about how important women are to women.

No matter, how much we might enjoy the men in our lives. Women connect to other women in a unique way. Maybe, because we think alike or can share emotions men can’t understand, but women need women.

So then I asked, what type of situation would force four women together emotional?

Okay, four women all lose their husband at one time in a car accident. These women are connected only by their husband’s jobs. They know each other, but are not what you call close until their husbands are killed. This forever alters their world. Each has their unique problem.

The first book in this women's fiction romantic series:

In The Marketing Exec’s Widow, Jen Larson is a realtor, who has for years lived as a married single. Her husband, Craig was her college sweetheart. She believes they have a good life but less than a year after losing him, she’s ready to start dating again. This throws her relationship with the other executives’ wives into a tailspin. They don’t understand how she can do this.

The truly fun part about a series like this is no one book is about only one woman. Each plays a part in the other book. They’re stories continue and you learn more about what each woman is facing in her life. The happy-ever-after continues, and the reader learns how these women have grown to depend on each other.

The second book in this women's fiction romantic series:

IT Exec’s Baby, the reader already knows from the first book that Brie Sullivan is pregnant. She has had the baby and is facing the challenges of dealing with a newborn as well as postpartum depression. She also has two other children, she’s trying to raise alone. Life for her is not going well, and she’s searching for answers. During one of her more trying moments, she believes she has the answer and asks Jason Clark to marry her. He’s the son of one of the other executives’ wives, Marianne Clark. This is the beginning of their journey to finding happiness.

The third book in this women's fiction romantic series:

CFO’s Affair is about Sylvia Donovan. The reader finds outs in book one that Sylvia’s husband, Bob asked her for a divorce on the morning he left on the business trip in which he died. Sylvia is going through a difficult time with her daughter having just left for college. She’s suffering from empty nest syndrome. She needs a diversion from her loneliness and decides to help at the company where her husband once worked. This sets her on the trail of finding answers as to why her husband asked for a divorce. She discovers her husband had an affair and his son is in an abusive situation. This rocks her world and forces her to make some very hard decision about not only her future, but also the future of her husband’s son.

The last book in the Executives Wives' Club series.

CFO’s Widow has not been released. Still working on this one, Marianne Clark is the oldest of the four women. She loved her husband and has done her best to deal with the massive hole his death has caused in her life. She is ready to give love a chance when she discovers a lump in breasts. Faced with her mortality, she has to make the hard decision of letting a man into her life or building a wall around herself. Shouldn’t she know the outcome before allowing a man she cares about into her life?

All of these books deal with major women issues. They show not only what women can endure during different phases of their lives, but how the relationship with not only men, but also women, help them deal with the problems they face.

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As you've probably noticed my website has change with the menu now at the top as a drop down menu. This is to make it easater for mobile devices. I am in the process of getting this done so you will notice some pages are still using the old format.

Hope all is going well in your world.

This week, I'm working on my website and a short story for Travis and Lyndsey. (the young couple in the Executive Wives' Club series.)

Have an awesome day and give my best to all,


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